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Lambda Chi Alpha is an international fraternity with chapters across the United States and Canada. Each chapter is designated as a "Zeta." The UNO chapter is the Lambda-Alpha Zeta. The international fraternity was founded in 1909 by Warren A. Cole at Boston University. Within a year, the fraternity installed three new chapters in the New England region.


Significant Dates:

March 22, 1913 - Jack Mason, the spiritual founder of Lambda Chi Alpha wrote to the 2nd General Assembly of the fraternity with his vision of what the ideals and principles of Lambda Chi Alpha should be and how they should be expressed. This letter was paramount in the adoption of our Initiation Ritual and its effect on the brothers since its conception.

December 3, 1927 - Lambda Chi Alpha became an international fraternity with the installation of the Epsilon-Epsilon Zeta at the University of Toronto. Hazing was openly condemned by Bruce McIntosh at an NIC meeting.

October 11, 1939 - Lambda Chi Alpha merged with Theta Kappa Nu which brought symbols, values, and an open motto to the general fraternity. The number of chapters increased from 77 to 111 with members increasing from 20,000 to 27,500.

1972 - The general fraternity came out as the first fraternity to abolish hazing. "Pledging" was no longer allowed. Instead, "Associate Membership" was installed to bring the rights of new members in alignment with the rights of brothers.

The Lambda Chi Alpha chapter here at UNO is the most storied fraternity on campus. Being the longest running chapter in the school's history, we have been on campus for 52 straight years. We began in 1964 over a game of flag football between two fraternities: Sigma Alpha Gamma and Delta Chi Omega. The union of these two fraternities produced the finest men on campus who have gone on to positively impact the New Orleans community and the world.


In our 52 years on this campus, we have initiated 730 brothers, all of whom have been active in the UNO community. Whether it be Student Government Presidents and Senators or Intramural athletes, this chapter has always made a point to be involved and take pride in its campus.


Philanthropy is one of our great passions. We take it to the extreme here at the Lambda-Alpha Zeta. In partnership with Feeding America, we put on events throughout the year to raise food. In the past year, we have hosted a French Toast Breakfast, various Nights Out at local restaurants, a Day of Service with Habitat for Humanity, and Adopt-a-Road Cleanup Days. Our biggest event, though, is Watermelon Bust. Watermelon Bust is a week-long on-campus event that culminates in a field day. UNO sororities compete against each other throughout the week to raise money, food, and amass points. Through all of these efforts, we raised 257,700 lbs of food for Feeding America - the third largest amount of any Lambda Chi Alpha chapter!


Values and Mottos

Associate Membership


Interested in Joining?

Core Values

We hold these values close to us and look for their presence in all potential new members.





-Service and Stewardship



-Personal Courage

Open Mottos

Our open mottos remind us of our core values and how we are to implement them in our daily lives.


"Vir Quisque Vir" - "Every Man a Man"

"Per Crucem Crescens" - "The Crescent in the Cross"

"Kalepa Ta Kala" - "Naught Without Labor"

Associate Membership

We at Lambda Chi Alpha were the first fraternity to abolish hazing. In this banishment, we did away with pledges and instituted Associate Membership. Associate Members have all the same rights as Brothers, participate in all the activities as Brothers, and are seen as equals. "Pledge" is a demeaning word with poor connotations. As a pledge, you are not truly part of a fraternity until you have been initiated. As an associate member, you are part of Lambda Chi Alpha, you are valued, and you have the same experience as Brothers.


Soon after you receive your bid for membership, you go through the Associate Member Ceremony. Thus, commencing your journey in Lambda Chi Alpha. Over the course of a semester, you will learn about Lambda Chi Alpha, its history, how we are organized, how we function as a group, how we govern ourselves, how we develop leaders for our chapter, our campus, our country, and, most importantly, how we develop Brotherhood.



What is a fraternity without Brotherhood? Brotherhood makes being in a fraternity a truly unique experience. Our chapter holds our Brotherhood to the highest standard: we develop lifelong friendships that are always there for each other, that wants to experience life together, and that holds each other accountable for their actions and their pursuits.


Brothers in Lambda Chi Alpha share a unique experience that connects them with their fellow Brothers on-campus and throughout the world. The Associate Membership process prepares you for Brotherhood, but Brotherhood prepares you for life.


As a Brother in this chapter, you will experience so much. You will play your hardest for backyard football, join each other on a streetcar to downtown New Orleans, go on a road trip to Miami, come together for the community, lead this chapter to bigger and better things, and dress up for a formal party at The Columns. The best part? We'll be right there with you.



If this sounds like something you may want to be a part of, we encourage you to reach out to us. If you're on the fence, we also encourage you to reach out to us and learn more. Every fraternity is different, and at the end of the day, you aren't joining an organization, you're joining people.


We will update this site with recruitment events shortly, but in the meantime, feel free to contact our Recruitment Chair, Brother Christian Breaux, at



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